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by Pris

July 15, 2020

Let's Go shopping not dropshipping

It’s with great pleasure that we invite you to our blog and online store. 

No false pretences here. It’s a small shop selling things we like and use, until we come across some more things that we may want to sell if possible or leet you know you where to get it. What you can be sure of is that we have the stock in our store room. We are not using dropshipping, so you will not receive something from China for example, with all labels written in Chinese, and we don’t have offices “all around the world” (this is usually the clue that says the website may be using dropshipping).

In case you don’t know what dropshipping is, basically you order something from a website, and the owner will order it in whichever country the wholesaler is, mainly China, and that wholesaler will ship it directly to you. Even though it is very common to find dropshippers in China, there are some all around the world.

There is nothing wrong with dropshipping. It’s an easy way to start an ecommerce business, but we much prefer seeing the products we are selling to you as if we had a brick and mortar business. If you want to know more about dropshipping, all you need it is to Google or YouTube it to find out everything about it. Be aware though that you will also find plenty of course – sometimes not free and super duper expensive – promising you to make lots of a money, so please be wise and research if it is something you may want to do.

We aim to source products that we like, or that we use even, preferably handmade and Australian, but not exclusively just that, but it has to be eco-friendly and cruelty free.

Lately we have found ourselves checking labels to see where a product is made, and we opt for an Australian option if available.  It’s easy to go shopping at Coles, Woolworth or Priceline, but there are so many great Australian homemade businesses that we don’t know about, so let’s talk about them and give them a chance, especially if it’s something we’re already using.

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